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Reassessment and Appeal Procedure

1. Reassessment and Appeal Procedure 

Online H&S Rep Training (powered by The Learning Place) is committed to providing all assessed candidates with access to a fair and reasonable process for seeking reassessment and appealing assessment decisions. If a candidate is assessed as ‘not yet competent’, or ‘needs more evidence’, they can generate and submit new evidence for reassessment at no cost.

ONE free re-assessment is permitted for any unit standard. After that, there is a $25 fee per additional re-submission. Up to 2 re-submissions are accepted (1 free, 1 at $25).

If the student is not competent after the second re-submission, they are required to pay the full fee again and retake the course in its entirety.

Any candidate who feels that an assessment decision was incorrect is entitled to appeal the decision. Candidates should first try to resolve any issues directly with the assessor via e-mail to, but this is not always possible.

The following process should then be followed:

The candidate’s appeal of the assessment decision should be in writing to the following email:
Attn: Academic Manager

The request must be received within ten working days of the candidate receiving notification of the assessment decision. It should fully state the grounds for the appeal. Appeals may be brought on such grounds as:

  1. The candidate believes that the assessor failed to follow proper and agreed assessment processes and/or procedures
  2. The candidate believes that the assessor failed to recognise or acknowledge the achievement of the required standard of performance
  3. The documented decision differs from feedback received on the assessment
**This list is not exhaustive. Any candidate who feels that credit has been denied from them unfairly should use the following procedure:

  1. Once an appeal is lodged, it will be considered, and within five working days a decision will be made as to how to proceed. Further information may be required from the candidate including assessment evidence
  2. If an appeal proceeds the assessor will be notified and asked to provide copies of the documentation related to the assessment. The assessor may also provide a written report regarding the assessment. The assessor does not receive the detail of the complaint
  3. All material provided will be reviewed by a moderator and a determination made as follows:
  4. The original decision by the assessor was justified
  5. The original decision by the assessor should be overturned
  6. A re-assessment is necessary
  7. The result of the appeal will be documented and provided to both parties. If either party disputes a determination based on the first or second of these options, then the third option will be followed
  8. Should a re-assessment be necessary it will be undertaken by another Learning Place Ltd assessor who was not involved in any part of the process to date
  9. Re-assessments are done as quickly as possible
  10. The decision of the re-assessing assessor is final

2. Complaints 

If you are not satisfied with the resolution to your appeal, you can bring the matter to the attention of:
New Zealand Qualifications Authority 
P.O. Box 160, Wellington 
04-802 3000  
Using the “Complaints Kits for Formal Complaints about Providers” if the provider’s internal procedures do not result in a satisfactory resolution of concerns 

3. Plagiarism 

Occurs when a candidate uses another person’s work without giving credit for the source or having permission to do so. Plagiarism will be addressed according to the severity of the instance according to organisational policy. This policy is available upon request via e-mail to 

 When you fill in the assessment you are not to discuss your answers with anyone else; this includes other candidates, colleagues, friends and family. When you complete the enrolment process you are asked to confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions and that you understand these. If you are found to have copied someone else’s work or discussed your answers with someone you will be considered guilty of plagiarism and will be removed from the H&S learning platform - pending official judgement from the H&S Academic Manager.

4. The Privacy Act 

Online H&S Rep Training (powered by The Learning Place) respects the rights of all those with whom it has contact and will comply with the requirements of The Privacy Act 1993. Some key aspects of the Privacy Act affect the operation of the National Qualifications Framework and your enrolment with The Learning Place Ltd. 

The purposes for which personal information is gathered are:

Names, addresses and dates of birth:
NZQA is only legally authorised to gather candidates personal information if that information is required to fulfil its function. The names, addresses and dates of birth of candidates are necessary for identification purposes in the conduct of assessments.

Gender and ethnicity:
NZQA is required both to carry out research activities and to provide statistical information for a wide range of legitimate purposes. The collection of information concerning a candidate’s gender and ethnicity does not breach the Privacy Act as long as any research does not identify individual candidates.

The Education Act 1989 authorises NZQA to collect information from providers so that they can perform their legal functions. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and Ministry of Education (MOE) may also require statistical information to perform their legal functions.
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