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Health and Safety Representative Stages

A Health and Safety Representative (HSR) allows workers to have a say about health and safety in the workplace. While the responsibility for providing a healthy and safe workplace rests with the business, an HSR is essential for keeping workplaces healthy and safe. By representing workers, an HSR provides a link between workers and management. 
Our training is 100% online so you can complete it at your own pace. We give you the flexibility study on your terms: anytime, anywhere. Starting at just $200, studying with GetHNS is the market's most convenient and affordable health and safety rep training. Enrol now in our Health and Safety Training Program and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a valuable impact in any organization. Together, let's create safer workplaces for everyone.

Stage 1 - $200 including GST

  • Unit Standard 29315 - Describe the roles and functions of the Health and Safety Representative
Become an effective Health and Safety Representative by understanding your responsibilities and functions under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Learn to advocate for workers, communicate effectively, and support injury rehabilitation. Explore risk management, communication strategies, and procedures for ceasing unsafe work. Enrol now to positively impact workplace health and safety. Stage 1 is the only training required to become a health and safety representative in a New Zealand workplace.

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Stage 2 - $250 including GST

  • Unit Standard 30265 - Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role. 
Level up your risk assessment skills with our stage 2 course. Gain a deep understanding of the risk assessment process, including identification, assessment, control, monitoring, and review. Apply your knowledge through practical exercises and real-world scenarios. Become a valuable asset in promoting workplace safety and well-being.

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Stage 3: - $275 including GST

  • Unit Standard 17601 -  Produce an occupational health and safety incident investigation
  • Unit Standard 25042 - Prepare a workplace health and safety improvement plan using data analysis and productivity measures.
Unlock the ability to conduct thorough incident investigations and produce comprehensive reports with our stage 3 course. Discover the importance of reporting and investigating workplace accidents and learn techniques to overcome barriers. Understand concepts like multiple causation and root-cause analysis to prevent a recurrence. Develop skills in data gathering, determining investigation levels, and proposing corrective actions. Enhance your expertise and contribute to a safer work environment.

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If you wish to complete a manual registration, we can send an invoice to your business - email and request the registration form. 

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